Void Machine (Rencontres Application)

Void Machine is an interactive, kinetic installation by Fritz Gnad and Gregor Kuschmirz, which has premiered at Cologne digital arts festival Platine in August 2013. (videolink, Password: japic)

The installation deals with the concept of places and with our physical presence and absence. This way it raises questions both about places and identity and about the shift from analoge manifestations of the geographical world to its digital representation.

In practice it looks like this: The 70 pages of the index of an Atlas are moved like a mesh depending on the distance of the audience.

The artists have put themself into the work by first deleting all places of personal importance from the index and secondly by projecting these words dynamically, and as well in relation to the audience onto the machine.

This way the negative and the positive cast are brought together and form ever changing relations.

Technical specifications
The installation will be set up at location by the artists, which will require 3 working days.
It requires a dark space of minimum 8m x 10m. Its dimensions are: width 6m, height 2.75m, depth 2m
Furthermore a MacMini or similar computer and a projector will be needed.

Artist Bios

Gregor Kuschmirz (DE 1979) is a media artist. After studies in Munich and Ludwigsburg he received a scholarship of FABRICA, the Benetton group research centre on communication. Gregor Kuschmirz works mainly with video, sculpture and concept art. His works have been shown in group exhibitions at Centre Pompidou, Paris, la Casa Encendida, Madrid and Shanghai Art Museum. Lately he has been collaborating with Spanish concept and video artist Manuel Saiz on “train time” and with Cologne based video artist Fritz Gnad on “void machine”.

Fritz Gnad (DE 1981) is a Motion Designer and Video Artist. He creates experimental audiovisuals, on both narrative and visual levels, combining images, video and generative elements to enrich the simulacrum. After studying media sciences, audiovisual communication and political science in Bochum (D), San José (CR) and Barcelona (ES), he now lives and works in Cologne.